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Optometry Practice Profile


PAUL APPEL- PRESIDENT SUPREME CONSULTANTS (paul.appelsupremelc.net) Supreme Lending Consultants




General Information:

Practice Name: Call for info.

Year Started:  1983      Years at present location: 20      Years under current ownership: 24

Did current owner start the practice or purchase existing? Started in practice

Other optometric practice locations owned by current owner: N/A

Gross Revenue:

2016  $816,000

2015  $787,000

2014  $804,000

Business Make-up:

Number of Lanes: 3   Is there room for expansion: yes, next door

Routine Exams       Glasses/Contacts  100%    

List any specialty services offered: Specializes in contact lenses

Services (if any) that are outsourced: outside lab used for lens preparation

Average procedure Charge: $205

Does the office utilize a Practice Management system? Yes

                                    Name of System: Compulink

Available upon request:
Production by Provider for The past 12 months
Production by procedure for the past 12 months
Accounts Receivable Aging Report
Accounts Receivable by Payor

What Accounting System do you utilize? Quickbooks

Payor Mix:

Insurance:    Medicaid/Medicare:     Cash/Fee for Service:   Other:

Number of Active Patients on File: 10,000   Average new patients per month: 25

Malpractice Insurance:

Amount required by state: $4,000,000              Amount Carried: $4,000,000

Are there any outstanding prepaid services (yes/no)? No  How Much? $__N/A_______

Primary Sources of Referral:

Advertising:          Other Patients:  40%        Other Doctors/Clinics:           Other:   Insurance 55%      

Practice Hours:

Monday  9am-5pm

Tuesday  9am-7pm

Wednesday  8am-4:30pm

Thursday  9am-6:30pm

Friday  9am-5:30pm

Saturday  9am-12pm

Sunday  Closed

Practice Location and Building:

Briefly discuss the location and area in which you service:  The practice services the immediate areas of La Mesa, San Carlos, Del Cerro and the College Area. These are considered nice areas with good schools. The apartments and condominium areas are well maintained. Because we are near the freeway, many of our patients who have moved out of the area, stay with us and travel 20+ miles to our office.

Square Footage:  2700 sq. ft.       Currently leased?  Yes

If building/land being sold, please estimate price: N/A

Total Monthly Rent: $5,700 Lease “Guaranteed Renewal” clause will not be a problem. Standard lease versus a Triple Net Lease will be considered. Sub-Leasing agreement for Peterson will be required for next 2.5 years.

Current Personnel: Because the practice has extended hours, all the employees have to cross-train basic tasks including reception, pones, insurances, work-ups, special testing, contact lenses, optical dispensing, medical software, and more. Supervision/quality control of key areas is assigned to individuals.










Supreme Lending Consultants a division of Supreme Products, USA